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You have done your job search. Your have a great resume. And then the magic call: please come to the interview at ..... After making so much effort to get to this stage noticed you should 100% ensure that you succeed at the actual interview.

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Performing well at job interviews is a skill that needs to be learnt like any other. You would not enter a marathon without proper training so why risk failure at a job interview?
Proper Job Interview Skills Training can ensure you outshine the other candidates, and get the job of your dreams. Job Interview skills courses are now available in Hong Kong.
Job Interview skills courses in Hong Kong (HK).
Job Interviews Tips

Interview Tips-Get The Job You Want!   by Chris Stinson
When you are interviewing for a job certain things will always apply regardless if you are interviewing with a Fortune 500 company or you are interviewing with a small to mid-size company.
Really what it comes down to is how well you present yourself to the prospective employer. During the interview the employer will be sizing you up and deciding if you are the right candidate for the job.
There are some basic steps you can take to make a good impression on the interview. They will include but will not be limited to how you carry yourself, how you dress, how you speak and express yourself, and how prompt you are to the interview.
Here are 4 basic tips you should follow on any interview.
1. How you carry yourself
Make sure you are confident and carry yourself in a manner that lets the interviewer know that you have the confidence to get the job done. You want to stand up straight, look them in the eye, and give them a firm handshake.
First impressions are critical when meeting with someone and this is the first impression you will be making during the interview.
2. How You Dress
Make sure you dress in an appropriate manner which would be business professional. In any type of environment, dressing in a professional manner is always acceptable and once you get the job you can find out what type of dress code the company has and change accordingly.
3. How you speak and express yourself
When meeting with somebody for the first time always make sure you speak in positive terms. The last thing an employer wants is somebody who will have a negative presence in the office.
You should also avoid using slang terms and enunciate when you speak. This will impress the interviewer and he will know that if hired you will have no problem communicating with their customers.
4. Your Promptness
Your best bet is to show up to the interview 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time. This will show the company that you value their time and you know how to be on time.
The best way to make sure you are on time is to get clear directions from where you will be coming from and also do a dry run a couple of days in advance to make sure there is no road construction that may hinder your ability to show up on time.
Making a strong first impression on an interview will go a long way to landing you the job. Make sure you follow these steps to insure that you are making the best impression possible.
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