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Improve your English and Improve Your Career

One of the best ways to move ahead in your career is by improving your English Language and Business Soft Skills.


English Language Tutorial Centres in Hong Kong

Learning English with a Private Native English Teacher is the easiest way to quickly improve your ENglish standard. If you work in Hong Kong then you probably have a very busy schedule in the office and finding time for “regular” classes at an institution such as the British Council is difficult. If you are a manager it can also be embarrassing to find that your secretary is in the class above you!

Learning English with a private English tutor is the most efficient way to learn quickly. It is time and cost effective - you save time and money by improving on the areas that you need to learn most.

Another great place to learn is English Tutorial Centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong. Their high quality english tuition is guaranteed with there experienced staff who have over 20 years teaching experience.

Business English Course

Business English Writing Course in Hong Kong (HK)
Better Business English Writing Skills equals better prospects AND better promotions! Start improving your business writing now with the experts in one-to-one customised Business English language tuition in Hong Kong (HK). Learn to write emails, reports, memos, press releases and advertising copy (copywriting).

Business English Soft Skills Training in Hong Kong

Soft skills include management abilities such as business presentations and sales negotiations. Dealing with your staff and effective communication at work is another major area that can make or break your career.

HK Executive Business English Tutors have a great variety of interesting courses to bring your English Language Skills up to standard. Classes include Business Writing, Speaking and Listening and Business English Grammar

Communication Skills Hong Kong run soft skills training courses for managers, executives and senior management (CEO, CFO, COO etc). Courses include Business Presentation Skills, Sales Negotiation Skills and Management Communication.

Job Applications and CV Resume Writing

Job Interview Skills Practice Courses in Hong Kong

English Job Interview Practice Skills Courses - also MBA Entrance Interviews - Once you have secured that valuable interview you need to make sure you grasp the chance and stun the interviewers with your talents. This course is designed to ensure you make the most of this golden opportunity. Focuses on real Job Interview Questions and how to answer them. They have lots of useful free video job interview question and answers lessons as well

Hong Kong Immigration Officer Job Interview Practice Course (HK)
Prepare for the HK Immigration Officer or Immigration Assistant job with expert careers trainers, Includes syndicated discussion, Extended interview and Final interview practice as well as the English written test,

Hong Kong Police Inspector Job Interview Practice Course (HK)
Prepare for the HK Police Force Inspector Job with expert native English teachers - practice the syndicated discussion, extended interview, syndicated discussion and final panel interview practice written test in English.

CV and Resume Writers in Hong Kong

HK Executive CV and Resume Writing Service (Hong Kong, China)

Hong Kong based Professional Native English CV writer will prepare a superlative resume for you to get the job of your dreams. Their service is personalised and will develop your CV into a winning route to career success. With all your experience you deserve to move ahead and get the best possible position in your career! They offer a range o options including executive resume, focussed covering letters and linked in profiles.

They are conveniently located on HK Island

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