Investment Banking - Careers and Prospects

By Jim Johannasen

Investment banking jobs are some of the most sought after jobs by both fresh graduates as well as those who are already in the field. The truth is that these jobs offer impressive remunerations and benefits and at the same time are promising platforms for progression in the banking industry. There are different types of investment banking jobs depending on the functions of any given banking or financial institutions. Those financial institutions that are primarily concerned with private equity and venture capital are less accessible in terms of entry level graduates while banks offer more opportunity for those fresh graduates with an interest in investment banking.

Corporate finance is an area of investment banking that is lucrative and attracts a lot of people both fresh graduates as well as those who are already in the banking sectors. Though the truth is that the position of a corporate finance investment banker is one that is difficult to attain unless one stays in the same bank for a long time. This position is mainly concerned with venture capital, stock and assets trading and mergers and acquisitions. It is a job that requires extensive knowledge and experience in the analysis of market trends in order to offer clients the appropriate advice for the business strategies.

Investment bankers are also found in the areas of retail banking and structured finance, international sales and institutional sales, private and public investment banking systems rating banking, analysis banking as well as commercial and retail investments. The position that one holds in a bank or in an investment banking firm is dependent on their area of expertise as well as their educational background. It is also important to note that this is a very competitive area of banking and that the most experienced are more likely to land higher paying jobs than the ones whose experience is limited. Thus for fresh graduates it is vital to view investment banking careers on a step by step basis until they attain the level that they aspire to.

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